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Robecca Vann, Cabinet maker, Carpenter and Joiner.

I have nearly 40 years experience working with wood and making
unique high quality

I Started very young, at seven my first commission was an Oak bookcase for which I recall the material cost was £4 19s 6d (very vivid because at that time I didn't charge for labour and relied on the generosity of the adult to reward me - I got 6d - the change). Since then I always contract before and stick to the arrangement. I was short of a third subject for A-Levels so took woodwork, I was the only student in my school that did it that year. I left school and was articled to John Laing Construction for five years and studied for my M.I.O.B. During which I also obtained Certificates of Supplementary Study in Building Law and Economics of Industry. I Started working for myself in 1979. I Built my workshop and gradually fitted it out to what is today

click here to see a picture of my work shop.

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